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Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter bring you today’s round table discussion on “Body Image”. Media in all forms today promote a certain version of beautiful that few humans can emulate – resulting in anxiety, peer pressure, and personal angst. Our body hears everything our mind says and we can intentionally stop the self-judgment and comparisons about our one and only healthy body!
Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter present an international round table discussion today on “Handling Rejection”. Guests Cathy Krafve, Claire Kerslake, Jacqueline Lopez, Lou Paget, and Lois Letchford share their views – is No always negative? Can a no be positive, causing new direction and creativity? Is no also perhaps “not right now”? Currently, culture ties No into hurt feelings, but isn’t it possible to separate the issue from the personal?
Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter bring you today’s Dynamic Women round table discussion on “What is Sexy”? Today’s media tries to “tell us” what is sexy, though it varies for each person. Does the initial sexy translate into the sustainable sexy? Is it confidence, talent, passions, intelligence, and does it include humor, depth, kindness, and generosity? What do these women NOT find sexy?
Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter host today’s round table on Betrayal with guests Lisa Rapp-McCall, Lou Paget, ShaRon Jamison, and Angela Breidenbach. This behavior is an (unfortunate) universal understanding. Whether large or small, we tend to triage our betrayals and learn from them.
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